How to care for your new piercing, with SoSalt.

How to care for your new piercing, with SoSalt.

You just got an new tongue ring, and now you need to take some extra steps to keep it clean and healthy. The best ways for you to do that from day one is with SoSalt. An all natural rinse, created from literally the salt of the earth!

Rinse with SoSalt on your new piercing after brushing your teeth to help with the prevention of infections. Keep your piercing clean and infection free by daily rinsing and daily mouth prevention.

SoSalt can also be part of a routine to help fight bad breath. Or maybe you need to continue your oral health routine but want to use all natural oral products. SoSalt is an all natural oral rinse, like a mouthwash, to help with gum care, piercings, or natural care with out fluoride.

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